Kelsey S.


Kelsey is a key performer at Social Color Lounge with half a decade of experience. She graduated from Paul Mitchell: The Temple Annapolis to pursue her career. Kelsey has always loved anything related to beauty. Growing up you could always find her doing hair, make-up, nails, and eyebrows on her friends. Kelsey enjoys being a safe spot for people to come talk to and open up. Kelsey is a color specialist ranging from bright blondes, color corrections, grey coverage and fashion colors! When Kelsey isn’t doing hair, you can find her feeding squirrels, birds, her pet ferrets and about any other animal you could think of. She’s an animal lover! 

– “I love being able to boost someone’s confidence and self-esteem. When you leave the salon, you should always feel like your best self!” Book with Kelsey today! 

Social Color Lounge - Annapolis

Work WeekLocationTime
Monday 6/17Annapolis12:00-8:00
Tuesday 6/18OFFOFF
Wednesday 6/19OFFOFF
Thursday 6/20Annapolis12:00-8:00
Friday 6/21Annapolis12:00-8:00
Saturday 6/22Annapolis9:00-5:00
Sunday 6/23Annapolis10:00-6:00
Work WeekLocationTime
Monday 6/24Annapolis12:00-8:00
Tuesday 6/25OFFOFF
Wednesday 6/26OFFOFF
Thursday 6/27Annapolis12:00-8:00
Friday 6/28Annapolis12:00-8:00
Saturday 6/29Annapolis9:00-5:00
Sunday 6/30Annapolis10:00-6:00

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